The Hackett Ranch

Pink flowers + pink wine: Spring

magnolia_webShhh. It’s a secret. A place where lilac scents the air, where crooked magnolia trees explode into brilliant pink blooms, where the dirt begins to nurture what sustain us.

Turn your face toward the sun, and you’ll realize it’s not actually a secret. It’s Yakima in the springtime.

This Spring is especially exciting because we are opening The Hackett Ranch every Saturday through September. The Hackett Ranch is 20 minutes west of downtown and is home to our winery, barrel room, lawn-style amphitheater and a newly re-purposed farmhouse. It has been home to our annual concert series at The Cave. It is the heart of Gilbert Cellars operations.

When I moved to Yakima nine years ago, The Hackett seemed magical to me, and it still does. Rows and rows of apple orchard, lush lavender, Riesling and Gewurztraminer vines that stretch to the west, and the snow topped foothills of the Cascade mountains that peek out from behind the treetops. Its beauty is obvious. It is the subtly of the light that captures your imagination.

It is hard to conjure a place like The Hackett Ranch when you’re standing in the cold wine aisle of your local grocery store. Sometimes it is hard to conjure it even at the dinner table with a bottle of wine open in front of you. That’s why we’re inviting you to the Ranch this summer. The Hackett is where our wines are crafted, where you can connect to a sense of place, and where great stories are told around a picnic table. (And where the 2013 Rose of Mourvedre tastes most excellent.)

The Hackett is our wine country—one that is casual, beautiful and humble. It is where we will be waiting with a corkscrew in hand and the sun at our back to greet you.