Music in the Vines: Not Amy, Ghosts I've Met, Matt & Mike of Curtains for You

Saturday - September 8, 2012
The Cave, 2620 Draper Road, Yakima, WA
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A night of original indie-folk, power pop, and rock n'roll music at The Cave!

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THIS JUST IN: This concert will be in our new amphitheater. Featuring a sound stage and gently sloping grass, we are so excited about this new addition to The Cave experience. Remember your blankets and lawn chairs (chairs will be placed in the back of the venue). We'll still have some seating on the patio, plus that's where there will be all our wine, beer and food--this time with Winey Dogs. Wear your country best to navigate the gravel roads & walkways, and we will see you Saturday afternoon for a GREAT show!

Featuring headliner Not Amy and performances by Ghosts I've Met and Matt Gervais & Mike Gervais of Curtains for You

Not Amy is, at its core, the kind of old fashioned artistic exchange that made The Beatles what they were. Search the valley, or the Pacific Northwest for that matter, for two more highly acclaimed solo performers and songwriters than Chad Bault and Navid Eliot, and you will find a very short list of candidates. Find two more acclaimed writers that work well together, and people may very well call you a liar. Luck (and possibly a touch of fate) brought Chad, Navid, and another very talented vocalist, Jenny Borst together, in Yakima, Washington.

Chad Bault grew up in the Yakima area, and was a mainstay of the local rock scene- very early on, with his band Big Brother, and later as a solo act. Chad later earned his stripes as a touring artist, and a regular performer of many years on the Portland music scene, with his former band, Train Go Sorry, before moving back to the Yakima Valley in 2008. The Portland Tribune had this to say about Chad: “Whether at a whisper or full volume, Bault has that rare ability to stop conversation and turn every head in the house in his direction.”

Navid Eliot, a Seattle native, moved to Yakima about 1½ years ago, where he has since been described as, “…the kind of heavy-gigging musician scenes are built upon.” A formally trained musician, and the 2003 winner of the Washington State division of the John Lennon Student Songwriter competition, Navid has been a gigging musician and working songwriter for more than a decade. Previous to his move to Yakima, Navid co-founded the Seattle band Curtains For You.

Combining the writing and vocal abilities of Chad Bault and Navid Eliot, with the breath-taking, Emmy Lou Harris-esque harmonies of Jennifer Borst, and the rhythm section of Mitch Sander and Shelby Cuyle is what makes Not Amy. To picture the sound: take a pinch of mid-60’s folk groups (The Mama’s and The Papa’s, Peter Paul & Mary, Simon and Garfunkel); a pinch of the 90’s garage rock the members all grew up on; and a heaping helping of the thought-provoking writing styles of Townes Van Zandt and Bob Dylan and you’ve got the sound-stew that is Not Amy. Add a potato while you’re at it, everyone likes a little potato in their stew.

Ghosts I've Met is the project of Michigan born songwriter Sam Watts.

The group was formed by Watts in Seattle, Washington along with guitarist Ben Blankenship and cellist Brent Arnold both formerly of Modest Mouse. In 2010 they released their first collection of songs, an E.P entitled “Payphone Patience” which featured the drumming of Michael Lerner (The Antlers) and piano work from Darren Jessee (Ben Folds Five). The EP was released on Canadian folk label Yerbird Records.

In 2011 Ghosts I've Met released their first full-length vinyl album also on Yerbird, entitled “From A Spark” which features guitarist Bill Patton (Fleet Foxes, J.Tillman) as well as Jenna Conrad (Damien Jurado). The album was on Seattle’s KEXP radio charts for months and warranted an in-studio performance at the station. In 2011 Ghosts I’ve Met opened shows for Jessica Lea Mayfield, Dolorean, Pearly Gate Music and The Antlers.  

In November 2011 the band self-released an EP entitled “The Light Opera” which remained in the top 10 of the charts at Seattle's KEXP for 8 weeks, and spent three of those weeks at #1. This striking collection of songs again features the work of guitarist Bill Patton and Seattle's golden girl drummer Faustine Hudson (Pearly Gate Music, The Young Evils). Recorded in one week in a cabin near Leavenworth, Washington the organic flow and subtle energy reflected on this EP exemplifies the diversity of Watts’ song writing capabilities and the adaptability of the group.  

In spring 2012 Ghosts I’ve Met recorded a Daytrotter Session at The Horseshack Studios, the renowned web resource for discovering up and coming indie bands, and on April 13th 2012 NPR named Ghosts I've Met's "Dark Blue Sound" their Song of the Day.

 "In 'Dark Blue Sound,' distant but thunderous drumbeats occasionally punctuate the proceedings like raindrops, but Watts' weary, tender words and melodies deliver the clearest devastation — the heartbreaking calm after a turbulent storm."

Matt Gervais & Mike Gervais of Curtains For You are still actively touring and releasing records with Curtains for You, but are sharing thier acoustic project as well. Their harmony vocals are equal parts Beach Boys and Everly Brothers.

Like a well-fitted suit or a little black dress (and, some might argue, argyle socks), classic harmony-laden pop never goes out of style.

If you needed a document of that, look no further than the latest offering from Seattle band Curtains For You. Power pop has a cult following for a reason – there’s usually a genuine darkness lurking underneath those deceptively sunny melodies, and “After Nights Without Sleep” is exceptional in its exploration of both ends of the spectrum.

Harmonies and heartbreak, the twisted euphoria that comes on after tormented nights with nary a wink of rest – it’s all there, waiting to charm those argyle socks right off you. Consider it the latest piece of evidence that our hearts and minds have a more complicated relationship than most people care to admit. Consider it an honest documentation of hoping for the best when you know the worst; of having the courage to look uncomfortable truth right in the eye and hug the living daylights right out of it.